Thom Dieben speaks in London during the third seminar of Defense Extradition Lawyers Forum (DELF)

On June 7th, Thom Dieben spoke in London, during the third seminar of DELF, from a Dutch perspective on mutual trust in extradition matters. In this context, Thom spoke about the implementation of the Aranyosi & Căldăraru ruling dated 5 April 2016 in the Netherlands and the mutual legal assistance to Turkey after the failed coup.

DELF is an international forum of lawyers specialized in international law enforcement issues (especially extradition and surrender) to form a coherent and uniform voice and represent the interests of desired persons and the lawyers who defend them. DELF intends to open discussions on the right of extradition through various seminars and allows members to understand the problems common to all countries participating in the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) better.

As part of recent developments, five lawyers from five different jurisdictions within the European Union (e.g. Poland, Spain, Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands) discussed the implementation of extradition law within their jurisdiction.

Thom spoke about the role of the Amsterdam court on the EAW and how they implemented Aranyosi & Căldăraru’s ruling. The judgments of the Court regarding prison conditions in France and Portugal were discussed as well: ECLI: NL: RBAMS: 2017: 3763, dated 30 May 2017 and ECLI: RBAMS: 2017: 3042, dated 8 May 2017.

In addition to the implementation of the Aranyosi & Căldăraru ruling, Thom also spoke about the complicated Dutch extradition system and the deterioration of the mutual legal assistance between Turkey and the Netherlands, since the prosecution of alleged opponents of opposition leader Gülen has priority. Important topics in this context, such as article 6 ECHR (right to fair trial) and article 3 ECHR (Prohibition of Torture), were discussed.

Besides Thom, Urszula Podhalańska (Attorney and Partner at Pietrzak Sidor & Partners Law Firm, Poland), Vania Costa Ramos (Attorney and Partner at Carlos Pinto de Abreu e Associados, Portugal), Jaime Campaner (Attorney at Valdivia-Campane, Spain) Nils Dick (Attorney at RA-Dick, Germany) talks about mutual trust in extradition cases from the perspective of their jurisdiction.