Farewell seminar for Prof. Taru Spronken: “our” Advocate(-General)

In 2013, Prof. Taru Spronken left the profession of defence lawyers to become an advocate-general at the Dutch Supreme Court. In honour of her work as a defence lawyer, a farewell seminar was held on 18 December last at the Law Faculty of Maastricht University. The seminar was organised by the Dutch Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers (NVSA), Maastricht University and JahaeRaymakers, the last law firm where Prof. Spronken held office before her transfer to the Dutch Supreme Court.

Topic of the seminar was (the role of) criminal defence lawyers in 2030. Various speakers gave their vision on the future of criminal defence. Mr. J.W. Fokkens, Procurator-General at the Dutch Supreme Court, spoke about the future of attorney-client privilege and the role of defense lawyers in cassation proceedings, Mr. B.E.P. Myjer, former judge at the European Court of Human Rights, gave his vision on the future of the Strassbourg case law and defence rights and Mr. B. Nooitgedagt, pondered about the role of religion in criminal law and the right of lawyers to be present during the police interview of suspects.

The second part of the seminar consisted out of a discussion about theses defended by four young lawyers, including Thom Dieben and Marleen van Beckhoven, who all received their legal education from, among others, Prof. Spronken, at Maastricht University.

At the end of the seminar Prof. Spronken was presented with the first copy of the liber amicorum ‘Advocaat(-Generaal)’, edited by Han Jahae, Thom Dieben and Petra van Kampen.