Attorneys-at-law and paralegals

Han Jahae

Attorney-at-law, partner

Han Jahae has clients, both in the Netherlands and abroad, that operate in the financial, legal, entertainment, media, transport, construction, food, healthcare and chemical/petrochemical sectors… Read more→

Carel Raymakers

Attorney-at-law, of counsel

Carel Raymakers is an expert in the procedural and non-procedural aspects of civil law and criminal law. He has acted to great international acclaim in high-profile criminal cases and investigations… Read more→

Jurjan Geertsma

Attorney-at-law, partner

Jurjan Geertsma’s legal practice focuses expressly on disciplinary law, the law of sanctions and the reputational issues involved. He helps his clients to identify potential risks, jointly draws up an… Read more→

Thom Dieben

Attorney-at-law, partner

Thom Dieben is a versatile lawyer. His main area of expertise is financial/economic criminal law, whereby he often handles cross-border criminal cases. He also regularly represents clients in appeal proceedings before the Supreme Court… Read more→

Dian Brouwer

Attorney-at-law, partner

Dian advises and represents companies, institutions and individuals involved as defendants, witnesses or victims in white collar cases… Read more→

Cathalijne van der Plas

Attorney-at-law, partner

Cathalijne conducts an international practice that consists for the main part of international judgement enforcement and civil asset tracing & recovery, with an accent to financial crime matters…. Read more→

Mitchell Paardekooper


Mitchell Paardekooper studied criminal and civil law at the VU University (Amsterdam)... Read more→

Madelon Stevens


Madelon Stevens specialises as a lawyer in financial/economic and tax sanctions law. Her approach is results-oriented, efficient and dynamic.
… Read more→

Oscar Pluimer


Oscar Pluimer provides legal assistance to companies, executives and other natural persons in every aspect of (financial/economic and tax) sanctions law.… Read more→

Tomasz Kodrzycki


Tomasz Kodrzycki voert een veelzijdige advies- en procespraktijk, met een nadruk op het financieel-economisch strafrecht. Hij staat ondernemingen en hun bestuurders bij in het kader van (mogelijke) strafrechtelijke verdenkingen… Read more→

Luce Smithuijsen


Luce studied Dutch law in Utrecht, and followed an honors program that focuses on academic and practical deepening. As trainee she gained practical experience at the Dutch Public Prosecution Service and various law firms… Read more →