Book review ‘De Hoogezandse Brand’

This month’s Tijdschrift voor de Politie [Journal for the Police] features a book review of the book ‘De Hoogezandse Brand’ [The Hoogezandse Fire] (Boom/Lemma, 2015). This book describes the investigation and trial of the suspect of the murder of Gonda Smit in 1996. The authors conclude that the scenario adopted by the Leeuwarden Court of Appeal on the basis of which the suspect was convicted is very unlikely. Based on inter alia these findings, a motion for review of the judgement of the Court of Appeal was filed with the Dutch Supreme Court. The book ‘De Hoogezandse Brand’ is co-authored by Karima Marouf. Karima currently works as a secretary at JahaeRaymakers. Before taking up service there, she obtained a Master’s degree in Forensics, Criminology and Law at Maastricht University.